Tuesday, 19 January 2010


For some time I`ve been thinking to try myself in painting furniture, but haven`t had enough time (i. e. courage) to do that.
Than, last week Renate of Kreativlink posted the new European Street Team Challenge Theme - MAKE SOMETHING NEW.
She wanted us to do something we never did before, to come out of our comfort zone and experiment. Then I knew, it is the right moment to try myself in painting furniture!
This was an old and olmost forgotten cupboard... I`ve painted it with cheerful and bold colors (my usual coloring :)) and gave it a new look. That old-new cupboard refreshed the look of our home :)

I enjoyed every moment of painting it! I like the feeling of giving a new life to old and almost thrown away stuff!
And remmember: whatever you do, try to go beyond your limits. I`m sure you`ll be amazed what you`ll find there :)

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