Saturday, 23 January 2010



This is such a nice beginning of the day! My Dancing Corals Necklace made it to frontpage today! woooo-hoooo!
Congrats to all artists included and thanks so much Iwannabe!(please, visit Iwannabe beautiful shop!)

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


For some time I`ve been thinking to try myself in painting furniture, but haven`t had enough time (i. e. courage) to do that.
Than, last week Renate of Kreativlink posted the new European Street Team Challenge Theme - MAKE SOMETHING NEW.
She wanted us to do something we never did before, to come out of our comfort zone and experiment. Then I knew, it is the right moment to try myself in painting furniture!
This was an old and olmost forgotten cupboard... I`ve painted it with cheerful and bold colors (my usual coloring :)) and gave it a new look. That old-new cupboard refreshed the look of our home :)

I enjoyed every moment of painting it! I like the feeling of giving a new life to old and almost thrown away stuff!
And remmember: whatever you do, try to go beyond your limits. I`m sure you`ll be amazed what you`ll find there :)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Lavender Field Necklace

I've started creating this necklace some time ago.
This is how it looked like in the beginning:

.... and today I've putted all beads and pebbles together.
It looks eccentric but also beautiful and feminine. It can be worn in few different ways. You can see it in my shop
And as all of my jewelry - it's "one of a kind".

I always feel excited when I finish each piece of my jewelry. I'm sure all artists feel that! There's no creativity without excitement :) Do you think so?

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Shop update - Love Sea Flower Brooch

This lovely and feminine brooch is a perfect gift and can be attached on hat, scarf, jacket, sweater or a purse and give it a new look!

Already in my shop

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Finally! After several weeks with a lot of rain, today was a beautiful sunny day! My husband and I took our kids for a walk. We went to nearby beaches to...

... colect some beach treasury...

... enjoy the beauty... (yes, there is snow on nearby hills!)

... and one cute guest visited my daughter :)

I love my town!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

new banner!

There is one proverb:
"The shoemaker always have the ugliest shoes".
Since my main profession is a graphic designer - when thinking about my last banner, I felt a little like a shoeman from this proverb (honestly!). I've made that banner very quickly, in a excitement and rush to open my etsy shop.
This is that old one:

But it was in October and the time just passed so quickly and that provisor banner stayed all that time. I know it is not a good excuse but I just didn't find time to design the new one.
Couple of days ago I've designed the new one... and this slogan WORKS OF (HE)ART I think really fits good because I really make my pieces with a great pleasure and love...

I'd really like to know your opinion about my new banner :)

Monday, 4 January 2010

Shop update... Green-Blue Sea Flower Brooch

Lately I enjoy to make this crocheted brooches with polymer, glass or some other kind of beads sewed on it. I like that kind of small art-objects...

I've made this brooch by 3 layers sewed together. Two (bigger) layer are crocheted from pigeon blue color and the 3rd layer is crocheted from cotton in shades of yellow, green and blue color.
There is one nice green glass bead sewed on top and a lot on small and delicate green glass beads sewed on one side of brooch.
Find more details in my Etsy shop Artistudios.