Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My creative workspace - from sketch to necklace

Sometimes, I need to make a sketch when I want to design a new piece of my jewellery.
I do it mostly because I want to be sure in color combo I've planned to make.

I thought it would be interesting to show a few steps of making my new necklace today!

Do you make sketches for your designs?

To se more creative spaces go to kootoyoo blog :)


  1. I sure do, though I do struggle sometimes with my pots, 3D is so hard sometimes! Sometimes I need to get straight into the clay then draw more later :) I like the red and purple circle best

  2. Very cool...I have never sketched it out but you know it would probably be a good thing. I am forever trying to picture everything in my head.

  3. Beautiful work!
    I don't usually draw my jewelry before creating it - I think improvising makes park of my creative process :)
    Of course it all depends on the type of piece you're creating, in some cases, like this one you're presenting, is totally fundamental!

  4. i am following you now. cause that is so darn cute, i can hardly stand it. xx

  5. lovely. enjoyed seeing the process

  6. What a beautiful post, the idea is fantastic.
    Greetings from Spain