Monday, 28 December 2009

Dreamy Brown-Blue necklace

I adore brown and blue color combination! I was thinking about making this necklace for a while, wanted to combine hand-felted and hand-painted beads.
And than couple of weeks ago I've dreamed exactly how it looks like!

When Aldona from posted a new theme "Dream" I was cheered up and I knew it was time to finally make my Dreamy Necklace.
All entries can be seen in her blog

Dreamy Brown-Blue necklace is available in my Etsy shop

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Children fascinate me...

Have I told you that I give art clases to children on weekends? Together with my husbandt who is an artist too, I run a little art organization. We have several groups with different art programmes - program for children, preparatio for art academies, program for hobbysts...
I love that clases with children. They fascinate me...their freedom to experiment with different materials and techniques, their creativity and unrestrained imagination.
On Sunday we made some nice paper decorations for Christmas and New Year. You can see a tutorial on this link
It is very easy to make and looks beautiful! Try it and play with you imagination!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Work in Progress...

Would you like a cup of felted beads?

While my kids are playing, I can enjoy both a cup of coffee and a cup of my new felted and crocheted beads.

And look at this beautiful cup! A few years ago I got it from my dear friend Mila. She's in hospital today and will have a little operation. This is my way to send her some good energy :)

A new necklace in shades of grey and lilac will be in my etsy shop in couple of days.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

European Streetteam Challenge-Babushka Happy Family

When Mitsy from Artmind Etsy shop won a EST Challenge and posted a new theme - BABUSHKA, i thought that I won't participate. I mean.... I liked a theme, but I just didn't have an idea how to interpret it... Then I thought - shame on you, Marica, you have Russian origins, it is a kind of obligation to take part in this "Russian" theme :) But it didn't help...

And somehow, yesterday I thought a lot about family and how it is important for all of us to have strong and harmonic relations in family... And with those thoughts in my mind, I've made my challenge entry. Here it is - Happy Babushka Family.

And it is available in my Etsy shop

Thursday, 3 December 2009

My Creative space today

I'm lucky to live near the beach and it's been a while since I collect little pieces of wood from beaches. That is my favorite activity - collecting beach treasury.... I'm impressed how sea can make pieces of art from stones, wood, shells... everything that comes to his huge "hands" :)

Well, I've decided to make brooch from that one piece of wood. The sea already made a sculpture of it an I painted with acrylic colors, varnished it and I'll crochet layer to go over the wood. Hm... it's easier to create it, than to explain the process...
You'll see it in my Etsy shop in couple of days!

If you'd like to see other spaces or/and join, go over to kootoyoo and read all about it.

Regards from me and a sea :)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Love, eat and create :)

Didn't blog for few days... but I've spent beautiful time with my family and friends, making some delicious food

Cookies that I've made with my daughter were so yummy

... and were eaten too fast to make pics :)

And I've made new necklaces

They are available in my Etsy shop. And I offer a free worldwide shipping on some of them. Check it out here.