Thursday, 3 December 2009

My Creative space today

I'm lucky to live near the beach and it's been a while since I collect little pieces of wood from beaches. That is my favorite activity - collecting beach treasury.... I'm impressed how sea can make pieces of art from stones, wood, shells... everything that comes to his huge "hands" :)

Well, I've decided to make brooch from that one piece of wood. The sea already made a sculpture of it an I painted with acrylic colors, varnished it and I'll crochet layer to go over the wood. Hm... it's easier to create it, than to explain the process...
You'll see it in my Etsy shop in couple of days!

If you'd like to see other spaces or/and join, go over to kootoyoo and read all about it.

Regards from me and a sea :)

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  1. wow
    looking forward to see the final project!